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The Scentish Story

Where It All Began

At Scentish we are all about keeping it real and we wanted to tell you more about who we are and the Scentish you see today. So why not take a few minutes and take a peek into the real world of Scentish, where we are today and our ambitions to give you the best products at affordable and real prices.

Back in 2018, Nic our founder started creating beautiful handmade bath bombs from her kitchen in the lovely Lancashire town of Rawtenstall with a £200 loan from her mum making our first ever product, the Candy Floss Marshmallow bath bomb, still a firm favourite today. Although Nic will tell you her favourite to date is the Cocoa Caramel Apple Body Scrub.

Nic has always had a passion for anything creative starting her first business with her Nan knitting luxurious kaftans and selling them at local markets and craft fairs after she left College. It should come as no surprise that Nic is Scentish’ curator when it comes to all our awesome scents and new products you see today. Our ethical and natural ingredients are built around Nic’s love for animals and our planet; we are cruelty-free, 100% vegan and RSPO certified ingredients with a traceable, ethical and sustainable worldwide supply chain. 

The Scentish You See Today

Scentish has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings in Nic and Sean’s Rawtenstall kitchen, from having a global presence to a manufacturing plant albeit just a few minutes down the road from where it first started.

Both Nic and Sean continue to work most weekends like they did back then (although they have replaced local markets and craft fairs for the Scentish shop in Rawtenstall and the online store) so they can bring you the most outstanding beauty and cosmetic products at real prices; because they believe everyone is entitled to a little bit of luxury that doesn’t cost the earth.

The Scentish family continues to grow with loyal customers across the globe and our lovely bunch of passionate individuals that work with them; many of which will tell you working at Scentish is more than a job it’s about creating products that customers love more than them.

More than anything, however they are a family and even though Nic would describe herself as resembling our Bora Bora Bath Bomb, because she’s round, fruity and exotic and Sean is more of a On Yer Head type of guy, because someone has to represent the lads around here; Team Scentish would say otherwise describing Nic as Unstoppable because she encompasses what Scentish is and always will be as a brand. Whereas Sean is very much our Passion Fruit Martini, because he’s the life and soul of Scentish.

Our Ambitions

We have always believed in adding some fun into our customers bath time and daily personal care routine even if that’s a quick morning shower dash.

Our manufacturing team continue to spread the Scentish secret far and wide via our wholesale orders, whilst we continue to develop and bring our retail customers exclusive, new and affordable luxurious products at real prices; because we know the value of a hard-working week and that Friday night bath helping to keep the real world at bay even just for a short while.

We love and appreciate each and every one of our Scentish family from our creative staff to our loyal customers and everyone at Scentish will continue to give you the best possible bath time at the best possible prices as a thank you for your support and keeping us all in a job we love.