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Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown 

The Ultimate Scentish 2022 Christmas Gift Guide 

The Scentish Elves have been busy at work creating the most memorable gifts for you and your loved ones this festive season. 

Below is our ultimate Christmas gift guide for all those bath lovers out there, we’ve even categorised it by personalities to take the stress out of gift buying this festive season.

The Routineers

If you have a significant other who is obsessed with a good skin care routine and your vanity cupboard seems full of every exfoliator and mosituriser known to man then we have the perfect Christmas surprise to put under the tree that will be sure to put you in the good books for at least a few bath times. 

Our Christmas themed Bath Melts are made for the indulgent bath lover with super mositurising ingredients to leave your loved one’s skin feeling super soft and radiant. 

These little melts may be small but as the old saying goes the best surprises come in small packages and the Christmas Bath Melts are no different. 

Festive Sleeping Beauty

For those in your life who love a good sleep or even deserve a good night’s kip we have the perfect Festive Frankincense Bath Bomb that will help your significant other find calm during the festive madness. 

You could even give it as a Christmas Eve treat to make sure you avoid any early wake up calls whilst Santa is delivering more Scentish treats under your tree. 

Festive Fragrance Lover

We aren’t just called Scentish for nothing, we are all about fragrance and if we are being honest, we have too many Christmas favorites to suit the fragrance lover in your life. 

But you can’t go wrong with our renowned Gingerbread Bath Bomb, save yourself some baking and just indulge in our sought-after Gingerbread scent while having a well earned relax in the bath. 

The Christmas Clean Freak

For all the Mrs. Hinch lovers out there, we have the perfect Christmas gift that will have you smelling festive throughout the season. 

Our Cranberry & Peppermint Bath Bomb will leave you feeling rejuvenated after one too many Christmas festivities and parties.

The Christmas Humbug

For the Ebenezer Scrooge in your life and for those who are yet to get into the Christmas spirit, you can’t go wrong with our Bah Humbug Bath Bomb. 

It’s the perfect gift for the man in your life, they may still need a visit from Christmas past, present and future to get them into the Christmas spirit, but at least they will smell divine as our Bah Humbug Bath Bomb is Inspired by Diesel Tattoo for men, a perfect deep blend of spicy Woody notes joined with Pepper, Sage, Bourbon, Patchouli, and sweet Amber. 

The Christmas Convert

For those that love an underdog, why not help our friend Russel Sprout out and give him a home this Christmas, if he can’t help deliver some festive cheer than pop Baby Grinch in the bath with them, they will be sure to be saying ‘Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more of Scentish’.